COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available at Tunica Health Center

COVID-19 vaccines are now available for all enrolled Tribal Citizens and their spouses at the Tunica Health Center in Marksville. If you are interested in receiving the vaccine, you can schedule an appointment by calling (318) 240-6438 or emailing

Off-territory, enrolled citizens and their spouses are eligible as well, but need to follow the quarantine and/or travel protocol in order to get vaccinated.

Travel and quarantine protocols:

  • Travel must be by personal vehicle; No air or other public travel allowed
  • Quarantine for 14 days and arrive to the appointment with a negative COVID-19 test dated within the previous two (2) days


  • Arrive on territory and get a negative COVID1-9 test at the Tunica Health Center and quarantine for three (3) days prior to receiving the vaccine

As supplies become available, vaccine availability will be opened to household members, so documenting their interest is important.