American Indian Center of Houston Encourages Voter Registration

The American Indian Center of Houston has received a grant from the National Urban Indian Family Coalition (NUIFC) to encourage voter registration. Alongside “When We All Vote,” our Tribe is able to monitor the number of registered voters.

Did you know that our democracy in the United States is modeled after the Iroquois governance structure? This structure was the oldest participating democracy on earth and their constitution included many ideas that inspired the current US constitution, which is why it’s so disappointing that American Indians are often left invisible within our own country and why this effort is so urgent. The NUIFC and partners span across 18 different states and feature 24 different urban Indian centers, tied to together by an understanding that ‘Democracy is Indigenous’.

From local elections to Presidential elections, it’s important to vote in every election. It takes just a few minutes to register. Visit to register to vote online and to make sure your voice and your vote is heard.