Attendees will hear from civic and business leaders on opportunities in rural healthcare, entrepreneurship, business development, technology and more.

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The Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana is proud to announce the third annual Louisiana Rural and Economic (LaRuE) Development Summit in Marksville, Louisiana, at Paragon Casino Resort on Monday, July 22 and Tuesday, July 23, 2024. LaRuE keynote speakers and panelists will include business professionals, industry experts, state and local elected officials. They will cover topics such as grant funding, rural economic development, agriculture, education, technology and more.  

LaRuE’s mission is to spur economic development in rural communities by educating and informing business owners on how to benefit from relationship building and creating strategic partnerships with local, state and national agencies, corporate America and Native American Tribes.

“Ultimately, our goal is to bring industry home. LaRuE aims to provide opportunities and education on a local level so that rural Louisianians don’t have to relocate their families to find work. We are bringing prospects to those ready and willing to innovate and thrive in central Louisiana,” said Marshall Pierite, Chairman of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe. “Native Americans and rural communities have historically been underserved and excluded from stable, high-paying opportunities. Through our efforts, we are one step closer to prosperity for all – not just some.”  

Originally debuted in 2019, LaRuE returns for a third year during a critical time for small and rural business owners who are building their enterprises in an ever-changing landscape. LaRuE will cover the following topics through a series of lectures, panels and guest speakers:

  • Healthcare Trends, Challenges and Innovations
  • Rural Economic Development Opportunities
  • Bridging the Digital Gap and Advancing Digital Equity
  • Harvesting Opportunities: Exploring Agriculture in Rural Communities
  • Grant Funding and How to Navigate the Grants Process

The conference is open to all economic development professionals, including business owners, small business developers, government officials, chamber of commerce professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, faculty and staff from all universities within the state of Louisiana, and students. Registration is open to the public or anyone interested in learning more about economic development in rural areas or doing business with tribal governments.

The early registration fee is $99 per individual. Organizations may sign up as a group for a discounted rate. For details click here.

The Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana has long supported and encouraged economic development and growth among Native Americans, including its citizens who reside in rural Louisiana.