Tunica-Biloxi 2021 Special Election Results

The following is a message from Tunica-Biloxi Election Committee Chairman, Robert A. Johnson, Sr. regarding the results of the 2021 special election:

Dear Chairman Pierite,   

In accordance with Election Committee regulations, I hereby certify the following:

  • There are 889 enrolled Tribal members who are eligible to vote in this election
  • There were a total of 1,000 ballots printed
  • All absentee ballot requests received up to and including March 7, 2021, were mailed ballots, along with a return envelope addressed to Teamwork Solutions Group
  • All absentee ballot requests and in-person requests were verified that each voter received only 1(one) ballot
  • Records were maintained of all absentee ballots and in-person ballots given
  • There were a total of 302 absentee ballots sent, and 224 total received back by 4:00pm CST, 3/13/21
  • There were a total of 67 ballots voted at the on-site polling location on 3/14/21
  • There was 1 spoiled ballot
  • There were 16 ballots received by mail AFTER 3/14/21 that were spoiled
  • The final election count/results are as follows:
    Martin Joseph “Marty” Johnson – Total Votes: 28
    David Rivas Jr. – Total Votes: 127
    Rudolph Henry “Rudy” Wambsgans III – Total Votes: 135
  • The Election Committee certifies that Rudolph “Rudy” Wambsgans is declared the winner of the 2021 Special Election to fill the vacated Council Member at Large position.