Traditional Weaver Shares her Story

Tunica-Biloxi tribal citizen and traditional weaver, Elizabeth Pierite Mora, was interviewed by Karl Lengal on WWNO 89.9 to discuss this year’s Basketry Summit. Pierite Mora highlighted the cultural significance of basket weaving and gave further insight into the traditional tribal craft, including how Tunica-Biloxi basket weaving differs from other tribal weaving.

Listeners learned that baskets from the Tunica-Biloxi tribe are traditionally made from long-leaf pine needles. Although other tribes might use similar materials for basket weaving, tribal basketry is distinguishable by style and technique.

Mora encouraged the public to join the Tunica-Biloxi basket weaving summit to learn through hands-on practice. Tunica-Biloxi encourages indigenous people, youth and the local community to learn about cultural awareness and appreciation. The summit will include a beginner’s class to long-leaf pine needle weaving for those who are just beginning their journey in the craft.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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