Tribal Elder Bingo Event

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Tribal Elder Bingo event and for all of our student volunteers! Tunica-Biloxi members enjoyed a fun day of bingo and even played a round in the Tunica language. Our special youth volunteers were able to engage with elder tribal members and brought some merriment by singing Tunica Christmas carols, Laspikochu Tenikata (Jingle Bells) and Ingrasashuhki Lapu (We wish you a Merry Christmas).

Our tribe is continuously working to sustain our culture and traditions. By bridging the gap between generations, we are working towards our mission of cherishing our past and building our future. To continue this initiative, the LCRP is inviting youth to participate in a Youth Essay contest through which students will interview tribal elders and write about their experiences. The deadline for submission is Friday, March 16. To learn more, click here.