Mosaic™ by ACT® | Social Emotional Learning Assessment

Mosaic™ by ACT® | Social Emotional Learning Assessment

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The Tunica-Biloxi Education Program is committed to preparing you for your future success in college and/or your career. That means a lot more than just helping you learn core subjects. We want you to have all the skills you’ll need.

That’s why our program has decided to use Mosaic™ by ACT® | Social Emotional Learning Assessment to help measure and build your “personal skills”— the skills you’ll need for success in the classroom and after graduation. The SEL assessment is from the same company that creates the ACT college entrance exam. It’s being used by schools all over the country to help students build these skills.

Mosaic by ACT | SEL Assessment measures the skills you need to take charge of your education, work, and life, and to keep going when things get tough:
○ Sustaining Effort
○ Getting Along with Others
○ Maintaining Composure
○ Keeping an Open Mind
○ Social Connection

This isn’t a typical assessment, with “right” and “wrong” answers. It analyzes where you see yourself in those five skill areas, along with school climate, and gives your teachers ways to help you improve in those areas. In other words, your honest answers to the SEL assessment questions will help our program better prepare you and your peers for a successful future.

Students, set aside some time between November 23rd through December 5th to complete this online skills assessment. It only takes 30 – 45 minutes to complete. In order to take the assessment, you will need your login credentials so call either Ms. Lonita (318.955.1349), Mrs. Jackie (318.955.1257), or Ms.  Alisha (318.359.8912) to retrieve your username and password. Then login to the Tunica-Biloxi Education Program testing portal ( for the Mosaic SEL Assessment.

Please let us know if you have any questions about Mosaic by ACT | SEL Assessment.