The Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department is responsible for Buildings, Grounds, and Housing Maintenance.


The department is responsible for maintaining the structural foundations of all commercial buildings on the reservation.  Inspections, repairs, and maintenance are performed periodically each month.


The department maintains all Tribal land, including commercial buildings and residential housing, both on and off the reservation. Responsibilities include but are not limited to cutting, edging, weedeating, blowing and removing trash and debris on a daily basis. The department assisted in repairing, painting, and replacing boards on the Nature Trail during the month of September. Assistance was provided to the Tribal staff to deliver water, MRE meals, and prepare generators to assist Tribal Citizens during the Tropical Storm Barry.


The department is responsible for maintaining all Housing Authority properties. Some of the activities over the last three months included the replacement and exchange of  inoperable hot water tanks, repair of storm doors, reconstruction of a handicap ramp for an elder Tribal citizen,  removal of unwanted debris, trimming and cutting of trees from power lines and doors entrances, and pressure washing of homes.

Paul Darby
Maintenance Supervisor
Ph. 318.451.5557