The Tunica-Biloxi Housing Department

The Tunica-Biloxi Housing Department (TBHD) strives to provide safe, sanitary and affordable housing; decrease homelessness; increase affordable rental housing, and provide homeownership opportunities through the provisions of supportive services and financial assistance programs. The TBHD addresses the wants and needs of low-income members and works to upgrade housing conditions on the reservation and within the Tribe’s approved service area. TBHD services include, mortgage down payment assistance, refinance assistance, emergency housing assistance, lease purchase assistance, budget/credit counseling, financial management training and maintenance counseling.

The Tunica-Biloxi Housing Department Office opened March 5, 2001. Its staff has more than 40 years of combined experience in mortgage lending and mortgage loan programs. The TBHD’s staff is responsible for assisting tribal members to prequalify and obtain mortgages from financial institutions. A tribal member who currently owns a home cannot receive assistance to purchase another home until they sell the home currently owned. Any home being purchased has to be the tribal member’s primary residence at the time the assistance is received. All tribal members are eligible of assistance regardless of their income level. The TBHD’s Mortgage Finance Assistance (MFA) Program provides assistance for down payment and closing cost for any enrolled tribal member, 18 years of age or over. The allocated amount of assistance is up to $5,000 if needed. If less than $5,000 is needed, the applicant will only receive the down payment and/or closing cost amount being requested by the lending institution. No tribal member will receive any MFA assistance funds paid directly to him or her. All funds are paid directly to the title company, closing attorney, or other closing agent. Funds are disbursed by check or wire transfer. The closing agent will return any unused portion of the down payment and/or closing cost funds to the Housing Department. In an effort to provide maximum assistance, the TBHD’s service has been designated by the continental United States, whereby allowing the department to provide Mortgage Finance Assistance to tribal members located within all 50 states.

Any tribal member attempting to purchase a home should contact the Housing Department prior to initiating the mortgage loan process with a lending institution. There are certain requirements that must be met prior to receiving down payment and/or closing cost assistance. Failure to do so could result in ineligibility for assistance.

The TBDH does not currently have any programs in existence regarding Home Repairs & Remodeling Assistance at this time; however, hopes to develop programs to assist members in this area in the future.


The Housing Department utilizes these federal funds to assist members in the very low and low-income levels. NAHASDA income stipulates that a single member household cannot exceed $36,792, two family households cannot exceed $42,048, three family households cannot exceed $47,304, and a four member household cannot exceed $52,560. Any tribal household that exceeds four family members, should contact that Housing Department regarding income limits. Any tribal member utilizing these funds is required to obtain Homebuyer Education Training prior to a loan closing. All enrolled tribal members 18 years or older, are eligible for this assistance if income requirements are met. First time homebuyers or tribal members who are selling a current home to construct or acquire another home can utilize these funds. Funds are allocated as one-time assistance towards the purchase of construction of a home. The maximum amount of assistance is allocated at up to $5,000 if needed. Each tribal member will only receive the amount required by the financial institution, not to exceed $5,000.

Emergency assistance is available to tribal members that meet the criteria according to the policy. If you feel that your housing problem meets the policies guidelines. Please contact the Housing Department.

Director of Housing Department

The Housing Director is responsible for all the overall management and direction of the TBHD. Specific duties include, planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling all TBHD operations.

Housing Board of Directors

  • Leonard Sampson, Sr. – Chairman
    • Llsampson@tbtgc.com
    • (318) 264-5241
  • Leslie Bonnette – Secretary
  • Fred Gonzales, Jr.
    • frgonzales@tbtgc.com
    • (318) 253-2293
  • Jim Strange
    • jstrange@tbtgc.com
    • (318) 264-5347

IHBG Program Coordinator

The coordinator of this department will assist in all aspects of homebuyer education, housing counseling and all other aspects of housing management as directed by the Tunica-Biloxi Housing Department Board of Commissioners under the housing coordinator. The primary goal and objective of this department is to assist applicants and residents in meeting the financial obligations associated with housing through planning and counseling in the pre-occupant and post-occupancy phases. Homebuyer counseling involves intensive education counseling regarding program requirement, home maintenance, down payments or contributions, property care, budgeting credit counseling, money management and other financial obligations associated with housing.

Housing & Community Activities Board: 

  • Bobby Pierite, Sr. – Chairman
  • Marshall Ray Sampson, Sr. – Vice Chairman
  • New Housing Director – Spokesperson
  • Kim Pierite – Spokesperson
  • Tess Lopez – Spokesperson
  • Elyse Lopez – Spokesperson