Mission Statement

To ensure and enhance healthcare for the Tunica-Biloxi Tribal community.

In this mission lies the responsibility of the Health Department to educate and assist the membership with their health insurance and claims while ensuring compliance of the guidelines set forth by the department and Indian Health Services.


The Tunica-Biloxi Health Department strives to professionally and confidentially assist Tribal members with not only healthcare, but with outreach services and diabetes prevention, education and treatment.

Our vision for the department is to one day soon establish a clinic and pharmacy on the Reservation to service the Tribal membership as well as Tribal employees.


  • Vouchers for physician visits
  • Applications for commodities (Supplemental Food Program for seniors)
  • Food stamp applications
  • Louisiana Medicaid applications
  • SafeLink Wireless applications (free government phone program)
  • Resource for Tribal Health Partners Program information
  • Alternative medication resources through local providers

Members Served: There are approximately 363 eligible members currently residing in the service area.


The Tunica-Biloxi Health Department currently provides support to:

Tunica-Biloxi Human Recourses

Tunica-Biloxi Social Services

Interface: We work side-by-side with Indian Health Services and United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. in an effort to provide adequate health services for tribal members.

For more information, contact:

Carl Chapman, Director

Health Department

(318) 253-6100