Director’s Message

Dear Tunica-Biloxi Parents:

Our children are facing an unprecedented time of change characterized by advancing technology, communication, and a demand for specialized training to work in a modern economy. All of this change is happening as the world is struggling through a pandemic and economic turmoil. We all are looking for resources that will help our families achieve some level of normality as we adapt to an everchanging world. As parents, we must nurture the natural resilience of our children so they will thrive in the new world.

In October 2020, the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe was blessed to receive a new U. S. Department of Education grant, the Indian Children & Youth Program: Accessing Choices in Education (ACE), to enhance our existing education efforts. Our grant project is entitled Tunica-Biloxi Education Program to Improve Academic Success & Career Readiness. This funding allows the Tunica- Biloxi Education Department (TBED) to provide educational services to Tunica-Biloxi students (grades K-12) no matter where they live. This resource is not just for students who may be struggling in school, but also for students who want to excel and get ready for college, career selection or military service.

The TBED has pulled together a list of student services and qualified service providers to help our students stay in school, perform well in school, prepare for college and careers after school and graduate. The TBED staff is dedicated to working with parents and students to identify needs and opportunities as part of an individual education plan for the student. TBED is coordinating services ranging from tutoring, home school support resources, education counseling and mentorship to ACT/SAT prep, supplemental learning centers, heritage language classes and cultural workshops, special education services and support for students with disabilities.

As parents and citizens of our Tunica-Biloxi nation, I urge you to allow the TBED to join you in support of your children, our most valuable resource. Enroll your children in the Tunica-Biloxi Education Department now. The future success of our children and our community relies on the work we do now. Join our quest for education and remember that Knowledge Is Power!


John D. Barbry
Director of Development & Programming
Education Department
Tunica-Biloxi Tribe

Our Staff

John Barbry


Office: (318) 240-6412
Cell: (318) 481-9526

Lonita Fantroy


Office: (318) 240-6466
Cell: (318) 955-1349

Paulette Voiselle

Administrative Coordinator

Office: (318) 240-6400
Cell: (318) 541-1035

Jacqueline Murdock

Academic Counselor (Grade 6-8)

Office: (318) 240-6467
Cell: (318) 955-1257

Alisha Williams

Academic Counselor
(Grades 9–12)

Office: (318) 240–6465
Cell: (318) 359–8912

Leslie Carmouche

Academic Counselor
(Grades K-5)

Office: (318) 240-6436
Cell: (318) 359-7808

Dr. Julie Zahn

Academic Counselor
(Grades K-12) (Houston, TX)

Cell: (318) 359-2293

Antonio Brown

Academic Counselor
(GradesK-12) (Chicago, IL)

Office: (312) 929-3748
Cell: (318) 359-1672

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